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LaVeda - Concordia University

We are hearing raves from everyone about your wonderful music!  Thank you very much for providing the perfect finale for the evening.  I appreciate your willingness to work with our students and include them in the program. It has been wonderful working with you, and I hope we can do it again!

Brendan - Huntington Beach, CA

Working with Ivan helped me strengthen my vocal technique and my audition pieces. I'm now in the BFA musical theater program at The Boston Conservatory.

Sherri - Tustin, CA

Ivan's ability to teach the intangible skill of voice to my 11-year old son is truly remarkable. In a short time, he transitioned my son's completely untrained voice from local children's theater to a level where he was able to enjoy success on the professional stage.  Ivan personality, demeanor and positive influence have helped bring out the best in my son.

Jennifer - Irvine, CA

Ivan has made an enormous difference in the singing ability of our daughter.  Even after the first lesson, our daughter felt more confident and it showed in her singing voice.  He has a very comforting demeanor and knows how to phrase criticism in a way that teaches without offending.  Because of his training she had the skills and confidence to land a lead role in the school musical and get into her first choice conservatory at an arts school. 

Doug - Mission Viejo, CA

I came to Ivan a very untrained singer who could carry a tune but not much else.  I had a dream of playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar and I needed his help to stretch my range and improve my stamina so that I could not only land the role but have my voice last through the entire run (something I’d had trouble with in the past.)  Not only did I get the role and fulfill a dream I’d had since I was a kid, Ivan taught me so much about how to sing correctly as opposed to the “rock star”, trash your vocal chord style that I’d employed for much of my life.  I will be forever grateful to him for helping my check this one off my bucket list!!

Garrett - Irvine, CA

Ivan's tutorage has helped me make the transition from college and community theatre, to professional paid work. His lessons are a wise investment to a career.

Kerry - Yorba Linda, CA

Winning Vocal Competitions: check.
Honored with acceptance to multiple conservatories at Orange County School for the Arts (OCSA): check.
Getting great, challenging parts in the shows he auditions for: check.
Having other parents who've heard our son sing for years comment on how "stunning," "rich," and "mature" his voice has become: no substitute!
We were fortunate to land a spot with Ivan, who makes the hard work fly by.  He constantly monitors technique to keep Chris' voice healthy and strong.  The best part, though, is how much joy is in the work, and how much we look forward to lessons every week.

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