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Online vocal coaching sessions are available via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom.  Whether students live outside of Southern California, are on the road or need last-minute audition prep, online coaching is the way to go.


 Contact me for info and to schedule an appointment.

Lee - Malibu, CA

It has been a gift to have one of Broadway's finest guide our daughter's singing voice. The Skype lessons proved to be better for us than any in-person option. We are grateful to know Ivan as he is vibrant, talented and such a passionate teacher.

Keith - Fairfield, CT

I didn’t have to leave my house!  Through Skype sessions, Ivan helped me prepare for two auditions and I got the parts both times!  Thank you Ivan, and sing with you soon!

Monica - Fairfield, CT

My daughter was so upset when Ivan moved away. Luckily, there was Skype! Once a week, she eagerly jumped on her computer and sang her heart out with Ivan!

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